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April 20, 2017

Sleeping. You spend a third of your life dreaming, and only dreaming of faces you have actually seen, true story! It is the one place that you haven't upgraded to new technology. You update your phone yearly, your computer when the whim takes you, your car when it is superseded, but the very thing that breathes life into you is an afterthought, not until you realise it has been 10 years or 3 relationships or a chronic pain in your back do you think to replace it.


Did you know that mattresses, like all technology are evolving? In the 1800’s they were handmade straw palliasses and tufted horsehair. The 1920’s bought the combination of flock, Kapock integrated with horsehair. The introduction of spring machinery into Australia in the 1940’s brought promise of cushiony comfort and reinvigoration. This technology has evolved to include open coil and pocket sprung in many, many different varieties, different layers to provide different cushioning from the springs, the choice on any given day is endless. Do they provide cushiony comfort or do they provide empty space and empty support. Do you even remember which one you liked on that day you wasted trying 12 different varieties?


Step into the future, today, over committed, time poor and still seek the one perfect thing that alludes many of us, a refreshing night’s sleep. What do we do when it is crunch time? We resentfully put aside a whole day to jump from bed to bed watched by a stranger with every intention to make us walk away with something, anything so they can chalk up another sale. What if there was an alternative? There is! Are you ready to join the foam revolution? Foam has continually evolved, new technology surrounding multi-layered-foam mattresses have breathed a whole new life into a market that is an endless cycle of choice.


Did you know that owner satisfaction from a memory foam mattress is the highest by far? If you take that one step further, gel infused memory foam that not only evens out your pressure points while sleeping, it allows air to circulate, dissipating heat while you sleep. This takes comfort to a whole new level. The extra benefit of a premium multi-layered foam mattress is no partner disturbance and who doesn’t want that. Partner disturbance, no thank you, said no one ever!


Advancements in technology are what dreams are made of, with rigorous testing and careful insight into ever changing needs, it has been possible to create the best formulation of comfort and support, step away from the old technology and leap onto the new! You won’t be disappointed.


Happy Sleeping with Sommuto

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