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Sommuto | 5 Ways to fall asleep faster

5 Ways to fall asleep faster (according to science).

September 18, 2017

Ah, you've done it again. You were meant to hit the sack hours ago but you couldn't stop binge-watching Netflix, checking your emails and/or catching up on housework. Or maybe you just couldn't say no to that evening caffeine fix and now you're tossing and turning, with your precious sleep window slowly closing.

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Sommuto | 5 Common Sleep Disorders

5 Common Sleep Disorders
(and what to do about them).

May 17, 2017

Who hasn’t experienced from time to time, the feeling of drowsiness behind the wheel or kicking someone in your sleep? Whilst these behaviours are normal on occasion, they could also be an indication of a more problematic sleeping disorder. If you’ve ever questioned your sleeping behaviour, now’s the time to read up on 5 common sleep disorders and what you can do about them.

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Sommuto | The importance of your sleeping environment.

The importance of your sleeping environment.

February 06, 2017

Lets have a look at the 3 main factors that influence your sleeping environment. Noise. We all know how hard it is to sleep when its noisy! Light.In general, it is best to sleep in darkness. Temperature. Many people like to sleep in a somewhat cool environment. 

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