July 26, 2016

Do you remember when you purchased your current mattress? What is the time marker, before children / when you moved house / a change in relationship? Or, are you like many of us, your first mattress was a hand me down, with a dubious history and an undisclosed age? It is the one thing essential to life where age does matter. 


These questions are the reasons you should have a good lie down and think about how essential good sleep is. Sleeping on an old mattress can often be the cause of a bad nights’ sleep. Think of it as a worn in shoe, it may appear to be comfortable, but that original support that it provided has been stripped away from countless nights and encounters. You may not even realise the cause of your back pain or sore hip could be the thing that holds you closely every night.


After 8 years, a mattress can hold the equivalent weight in dead skins of a small mammal. This fact alone is reason enough to seriously think back to when it was your mattress was new and shiny. Sleeping on an older mattress is often the cause of a bad night’s sleep – with 1 in 20 people surveyed saying that they struggle to sleep for 5 hrs a night – as mattresses do lose support and sag over time as they age, like us.


Clear evidence highlights (ABC News), the detrimental impact that poor sleep has on your life. At one time or another the fact we have had a bad night’s sleep has impinged on our daily happiness and been the reply for many a morning greeting, how many times have you replied “I can’t focus, I didn’t sleep that well last night”. There could be a correlation between your poor sleep and the mattress you are sleeping on now; we think by doing extra-curricular activities such as yoga or eating well are the only ways to better ourselves.


Perhaps we should look at the core of the issue, doesn’t everyone deserve to wake up refreshed, to leap into the day with a sharp memory and feeling as if we can tackle the world? Have a sneak peek at your mattress next time you are changing the sheets, you may be surprise at what stares back at you.


Happy Sleeping with Sommuto

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