September 19, 2016

What is important to remember when thinking about memory foam mattresses is that not all foams are created equal. They can differ in quality, density, firmness, response to temperature and also durability and longevity. Memory foam that is manufactured in Australia are different from the alternatives sourced from China. Of course the lower prices are attractive, for the Chinese products, but the quality control and questions surrounding exactly what is used in the products can be an issue for ethical and economic reasons.


What is memory foam? It was first developed by NASA in the 1970s but didn’t really hit the consumer market until early 1990s. Its primary use at that point was for mattress toppers in addition to an existing mattress. It wasn’t until later that it became more commonly used as an integral part of the mattress in manufacturing. Fast forward to the present day, memory foam mattresses have become one of the fastest growing commodities in the mattress industry with the highest customer satisfaction rating of 81% compared against inner spring mattresses at 64%.


A mattress is something you spend over a third of your life on, and have a very close relationship with. So dont take shortcuts to save a dollar. Cheaper quality memory foams that are imported are normally cheaper for a reason. Try and delve in a little deeper and find out what is in your mattress. This will give you some comfort in the quality of the product.


Most importantly make sure the foams in your mattress are not only safe for you but also safe for the environment. Sommuto mattresses are ethically made and 100% recyclable.


Happy Sleeping with Sommuto

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