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    What a great bed. My husband and I are so happy with the new bed. It’s firm but the memory foam holds and supports the body.

    Brie F.

    I have had this mattress for a couple of weeks and we are very happy with it. My husband and I no longer disturb each other getting out of bed in the middle of the night. I/we recommend this mattress to anybody who is thinking of buying one. Cheers

    Kathy S.

    This is my second Sommuto mattress, as I wanted to upgrade to a king size. My original queen is now being used in the spare room. Absolutely love this mattress

    Kristina L.

    Great service, prompt delivery and excellent packaging.Very easy to 'install'. Extremely comfortable and l will recommend,5 stars! Thank you Sommuto.


    Thank you for the new mattress. One week on and I haven't slept better! Super quick delivery time and easy to set-up. I can no longer feel Bobby the cat jumping on the mattress to awake me from my slumber at 5am. Excellent product.


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100% Machine Washable

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    Great purchase and very comfy pillow. Was even sent a second for free will be buying Sommuto again. Cheers

    Damian S.

    Really happy with the pillow. It’s extremely comfortable & I love the fact that I can wash it.

    Jessica M.